About Us

Technical Arbitration

Lanchester Associates has spread its new wing to fly in the direction of technical arbitration. We are backed up with a team of experienced technical arbitrators who exhibit their expertise in design, construction, and land disputes, by the wide range of experience they use. Our arbitration services are transparent and cost effective. We offer quicker solutions adhering to the codes and standards of the government. Our engineers approach impartial ways to face the challenges during any stage of conflict.

We lay down rules and regulations of highest quality, with expertise from experienced civil engineers, architects, chartered engineers, surveyors to meet the demands of both the parties. Lanchester’s arbitrators have heard and resolved cases of different natures right from simple to complex disputes.

There are a lot of people who approach us to resolve the construction disputes which have grown rapidly in these years. The alternate solution to go to court is to choose our service. We act as a third party neutral to resolve the arbitration issue. We thoroughly assess the case and provide our stand on the case which are legally binding to the parties.

We take up the control of the process laying rules and regulations that govern the technical arbitration. We appoint advocates and lawyers who have experience handling civil cases to speed up on the issue and meet the deadlines.

How we handle technical arbitration

  • Professional approach
  • Confidentiality in evaluation of the case through out
  • Unbiased solutions
  • Setting and meeting deadlines
  • Framing realistic rules and procedures for handling any situation the right way
  • Transparency in the entire process
  • Flexible solution

In the journey towards your construction process, we are sure you will be gaining in-depth functional knowledge through our flagship solution and great awareness that will be of great learning experience to you so that you can share with your friends and peers in their projects.