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Structural Design

Do you want to structure your building using minimal environmental resources and energy and look creatively beautiful? Don’t worry we have efficient structural engineers to help you with this.

What is structural engineering?

It is a field of engineering dealing with the analysis and design of structures that support or resist loads. Structural engineering theory is based upon physical laws and empirical knowledge of the structural performance of different materials and geometries.

Landchester associates have engineers who have specialized in this unique field of structural engineering. We have experienced engineers who have worked on big projects and earned a reputed name for us in this field. Our Structural engineers play an important role in the efficient design, construction, and execution of a building.

Our structural engineers work using the latest software for designing structures and their models. The software helps us to design unique models with accuracy so as to complete the project without any risk. Our structural engineers have a 360° approach when they are assigned a project. They analyse the structure and its construction in ways like, reaction of structures to pressure and environmental weather changes, preparing budget for the project, estimation of completion time for the project stage-wise, coordinate with the project engineers onsite during construction about the structural soundness of the building, using software and computers for simulation purposes.

Landchester’s Highlights

Our structural engineers are experts who have analytical skills, creativity, attention to detail on orientation, well versed in construction management techniques, good knowledge in software, familiar with the government norms and codes and regulations, upgraded technical skill that is up-to-date.

Structures are broadly classified into 4 types
  • Frame: made of separate members (usually thin pieces) put together.
  • Shell: encloses or contains its contents.
  • Solid (mass): made almost entirely of matter.
  • liquid (fluid): braking fluid making the brakes.
In a concluding remark, our Structural Engineers are best suitable to multi-task as design engineers, project engineers and Site Engineers.