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Stability Certificate

Are you in the right place to test your building ?
Who can give a stability certificate?

This is the most sought after document. We at Landchester Associates have experienced structural engineers who cater to the needs of issuing stability certificates to clients, architects, Government authorities as per their norms and format.

The wordings in the stability certificate is a very crucial factor as the stability certificate is an authentication document. We have a team of professional engineers who are well versed in issuing the document for stability certificates related to the scope of work.

Our services are provided for a few of the following verticals listed below and more!
  • New building design
  • Building of Industrial plant
  • Financial corporations / Institutes
  • Educational institutions
  • Hospitals
  • Public works departments
  • Structural audit & stability certificate for buildings of age above 15 years

We have government qualified and experienced structural engineers to issue the stability certificate which can’t be altered for a specific time.

How to choose the best?

As a client you may find it difficult to find the right person to issue the stability certificate. The client should not go by the lowest quote alone. We at Lanchester Associates have competent structural engineers who not only serve you but also take up responsibility to realize and understand the gravity of their work. The engineers involved in issuing stability certificates deal with the safety measure for the occupants of the building and its neighbourhood, have to identify the repairs and initiate the process of the repair to be done.

We adopt the below methods for testing RCC structures to determine their age and strength and integrity.

RCC Stability tests to assess age
  • Cut and pull-out stability test
  • Rebound Hammer stability test
  • Core stability test
  • LOK stability test
RCC Stability tests to assess Integrity
  • Ultrasonic pulse velocity stability test
  • Impulse Response stability test
  • Impact echo stability test