About Us

Consulting Civil Engineers

Landchester Associates is the best firm to offer a varied range of civil consulting services in Coimbatore. All the services for the civil industry right from designing, construction, maintenance, asset creation and development.We offer a wide range of services and guidance from our expert engineers. Project management and safety systems are the key factors during the construction of a building. Our civil consulting engineers offer you the viable best solution to address the key factors.

The scope of our consulting civil areas includes
  • Support from qualified and experienced engineers
  • Reliable solutions
  • Planning and preliminary works
  • Construction supervision works
  • Maintenance works like electrical and plumbing

Landchester offers the civil engineering consulting services to any type of project schools, hospitals, buildings, complex, offices and government projects.

We take care of designing and consulting in the following areas of a project
· Structural designing preliminary · Electrical and HVAC · Control systems · Acoustical design · Fire safety plans · Safety systems

Construction of new buildings involves a lot of preparation and planning. Landchester consulting engineers are just a call away for you. Call us to seek expert advice on how to start your project and finish it successfully.

There are many phases during construction of a new building. Many designs are required for each stage of the building, so there must be an effective way to manage the cost, estimation, scheduling of time , initial design, in progress design, final design, subsidy documents to be submitted to government and liasoning with bank officials for loan, choosing the right team of contractors to complete your project, onsite and back-office coordination.

Further the requirement of structural engineering at every phase of the building to measure the correctness is very important. This will determine the strength and life of the building. The quality of materials plays a vital role in determining the longevity of the building. Landchester ‘s specialists are there to work in unison with the designing, planning and material procurement and structural support designing team, contract and labour human resource team, project manager to complete the building on time. This life cycle is called project management and requires multi-disciplinary skills and experience to confidently finish the project.