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Bill of Quantity

Landchester associates is a total complete provider of civil solutions. Bill of quantity services is the major part of them. We understand the scope of work first. This will help us give your expert advice and prepare the bill of quantity document that can forecast futuristic problems and avoid them. We help you prepare the bill of quantity document for tendering. We thoroughly understand the project while preparing the bill of quantity.

The document format we use is standard and varies from project to project. This generally includes the itemized list of work in bill of quantities breakdown is given below
  • Architectural work
  • Structural work
  • Mechanical work
  • Electrical Work
  • Coordination work
  • Plumbing Works

The estimated quantity and unit of measurement under the above headings are documented in bill of quantity. There is also a provision given for actual columns against the estimate. This document will help us analyse Actual Vs Estimate and help us keep track of the balance of work and money to be spent. This document is usually prepared in spreadsheets. We include all the costs right from labour charges, overheads, materials, machinery and running costs to give more than approximate cost estimation

The two key factors for successful completion of a project are resources and planning. Assigning the task in advance to the dedicated resources will work like magic for you.

We manage the entire project life cycle. Right from Quantity survey, Quality Audit, preparing cost estimation and planning project schedule we are there for you. Our chartered engineers, certified and licensed surveyors, architects, and designers help in successful start and completion of the project. From the start to finish we go hand in hand with you and accomplish the project.

Quantity Surveying Services in Coimbatore

We at Landchester have surveyors who have in-depth knowledge in working out costs and execution of projects through contracts are quality surveyors. They prepare the bill of quantity document. Our Lanchester Associates engineers act as the best consultant for you. They help you with purchase and procurement of materials, giving optimal solutions of varied market choices available in the market.

Our Quantity surveyors are specialists in reviewing tender documents. They perform a thorough study on the document and risk in budget involved on the amount quoted on tenders, they play a crucial role in judging the preference to whom the tender should be passed.

In a nutshell our quantity surveyors act as a stalwart supporting the successful completion of your project, who give expert advice to control cost in every phase of project life cycle.

Cost Estimation Services Coimbatore

Landchester associates help you to function non-stop during the journey of construction life for your projects. Cost estimation service offered by us is the most reliable and efficient model. Our civil engineers with their bundle of experience can work out the approximate cost for any project be it residential, commercial or infrastructure. We know the risk involved while preparing the cost estimation for any project, as we take ownership of the project once you have handed over the project to us. We are aware that a small mistake in working out the cost estimate can overrun the project cost and can’t be revoked.

We have professional engineers who are focussed to give you the best cost estimation works in Coimbatore. We follow the most common and efficient earned value analysis for our cost of estimation works. You can see with your eyes as the project progresses there will be a minimal or contingency.